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When you have found a girl whom you want to meet, just telephone or text us with:-

her name, 

the time you want to meet her,

how long you want to stay with her.

If she is not available at that time, can you see her later?


We will then contact her and call or text you back, usually in about ten minutes or less.

An "INCALL" is where you go to visit her, at her address.

An "OUTCALL" is where she comes to you.


Remember, be happy to be with our girls for intimate times.You are responding to a natural and healthy urge. Be pleased and confident with yourself for your needs. Being with a woman are treasured moments, to be valued for life.



We are not, primarily, a "porno" site. That is not our aim. 

Our intention is to write to bring better understanding of those who attend escorts, and a better understanding of the role of escorts towards the home, towards the family, towards society, so we very much urge you to set aside time and to read all our pages.





Who We Are

Sexy Nature!   VIP Escorts for you!

Welcome to the most passionate of London escort agencies around! Not only are our high class companions cherry-picked because of their looks, diversity and intelligence but also for the sheer passion they bring to every experience. At Nature's Escorts London, we are truly passionate about what we do!

In our portfolio, we boast a truly diverse selection of stunning London Escorts. In the short time that we have been around, they have already proved to be some of the most sought-after girls! We have already built a reputation as a dependable, friendly and courteous agency to deal-with. We believe in turning a first-time client into a client for life. More women are attending. These are often in demanding professional jobs and do not have the time or inclination for a traditional relationship.

Some of our most contented clients are those who come as couples. It can be the female of the couple who makes the booking. We welcome this because when the female of a couple decides to attend, everything goes well!


At Nature's Escorts London, we believe that indulging your passions should be the simplest of things to achieve. Whether you are a man or a woman, to repeatedly indulge yourself in a carefree, cordial way with other persons is both natural, and good for your health. We do not want you to be lonely, but to know where you can quickly find a professional friend. We've built our website to be user-friendly with a fantastic category, location and speciality menu, allowing you to find your perfect girl with ease. 

We think most men do not want a porn site. We think most men wish to meet a girl in a spirit of decency and appreciation, and while we state rather clearly what can be offered we hope you can feel comfortable with our approach.

From Busty Escorts, Blonde Escorts, Latin Escorts, youthful escorts, more mature escorts, to our more Adventurous Escorts... simply choose your passion!

Many think they need to make sex when they attend an escort. But many, especially those in family relationships, or with religious constraints, prefer to receive just massage, or erotic massage, - the difference being? Well, you decide really, but we think massage is without caress to the erotic regions. Some men like more to bring in a bottle of wine and talk endlessly, just enjoying his escort's company, never asking for sex at all. Whatever you and your escort decide to do together, the reason is broadly the same, you need to be in private and intimate company with a woman.

Our friendly reception team are always here to help, just call on 07938 881 684 between 10.00 am and 03.00 am. You'll be a few minutes away from your perfect date!

Only the Best London Escorts

We are quite selective about the London Escorts we permit to advertise on our website. We think our London Escorts are the best in the industry!

We know you'll find our gorgeous London Escorts to be not just ridiculously sexy, but funny, friendly, welcoming and engaging too.


If your call is the first time you have sought an escort, things can go awry. There has been a first-time for each and every one of us. Most of us are frightened of ourselves and our actions when we start. At Nature's Escorts, we understand this and ask you to feel free to express your fears to our reception. We will listen and tell you what we found helpful when we were unsure of ourselves.

We all need to be decent and sociable. Your body needs the contact of other human beings.  In the unhealthy state of being alone, thoughts of both men and women may be angry, resentful and indecent. When in the presence of an escort, leave those thoughts behind you. Do not impose upon her. This is very much a woman's world. What is right for her, is right for you both. Let your escort take the lead.

If you are not a first-timer, but your previous contacts have been a disappointment, or have caused displeasure to the escort and to you, please talk of this to our reception before you make a booking. We will do everything we can to help for we realise that you need kindly attention even more. 

Remember, Nature's Escorts is only a booking agent. We are not professional counsellors. We take no money for sexual service. Other than to select women of high personal standards to admit their advertisements with us, we place no requirements upon any of the escorts to perform in any particular way, neither do we place any influence upon them to perform.  

No matter what a woman may say she likes to do on her web-page, what she chooses to do with her client at the booking remains entirely hers to decide. Please think about this and be prepared to set aside your expectancies of her. The law is very much on the woman's side and we do not want our clients to fall foul of that! Be pleasant and accommodating of your escort, even if she has not been all you hoped-for. It can take time and several meetings for trust to develop between men and women.

Regardless of whether you are a new client, an existing client, or a visitor to London, you will always be assured of our strictest confidentiality and personal attention at all times. After all, we are in a service-based industry. It really is our Passion to make a better world!


Click on "Gallery" above,to see our girls. Then click on their photos to see their details.



Nature's Escorts London is an advertising and booking agency. Escorts advertising with Nature's Escorts are not employed by us. They are independent, working on a freelance basis. We do not sell sexual service and we do not bend to clients who may demand that we press upon a girl to perform in particular ways. Quite the opposite. Escorting is very much a woman's world. She decides what happens during the bookings which she accepts. 


Before going ahead, please read the following and AGREE to the terms in the paragraph below. By browsing these web-pages, you are providing your consent to view these pages and are signing the agreement electronically.

You may not link to this page or any page on our site without written permission from the owner.

I DECLARE AND CONFIRM: That I am of at least 18 years of age and that, with respect to the law, in the locality of the country in which I reside, it is not illegal to read and to publish content of an adult nature on the Internet. I understand that fees paid by a client to an advertiser-escort are for companionship only. I understand that these fees  are not decided by Nature's Escorts London and that Nature's Escorts London does not receive these fees. Should anything, other than companionship, occur between client(s) and escort(s), it is on the strict understanding that it will be a matter of choice between consenting adults.

If you do not meet, or if you disagree with our conditions, PLEASE LEAVE NOW.

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