To drink from a glass of water is one of the simplest things in life, yet it is entirely essential. Without water, we soon thirst and die. 

Without sexual intimacy, we do not die, but we certainly suffer. We have big brains which consume hormones at a great rate and those all need replacing. Making intimacy helps that replacement.

The making of sex is not complicated. It is so simple, but for many, it becomes an area of angst by not attending to sexual needs early enough.

Making sex does not mean having to make penetration. Around six out of ten men who attend escorts cannot get sufficient erection for penetration, so if this is happening to you, you are in the majority. Much inability is about being nervous, especially in younger men. Sex is about togetherness, about breathing in the wholesome and calming pheromones of a woman. Success, happiness, for a man is not just penetration, (as he often presumes, as he often feels he must do), but it is about making a woman happy while you are close to her. Being close to her can often mean giving her space to move, not pawing all over her.


In Chinese Daoist thought, as a man, you are like the Sun, hot energy pulsing into the wastes of space, just some of that energy coming to warm the life-holdng planets. Women are as planets, sometimes needing to be close, sometimes further apart from the male as they swing back and forth around you. Women need to revolve freely. Give them space, as when you release a bird into the heavens.

Young women, in their early twenties, tend to seek contentment, and can love a gentle touch. At this age they are full of gentle hormones which tend to have a moderating effect on a man. This means that if she is not ready to receive him, while he feels he wants her, he finds he does not have the power to penetrate. His own hormone-mix causes him to withhold, sometimes much to his anguish. Down the ages, the whole purpose of a man's existence is to protect and to accommodate a woman. Nature knows best when a man's mind has gone a bit "crazy" for sex, when he has become a bit of a "Desperate Dan". Nature can then say, "No, do not penetrate her!" Nature has the chemicals to change your function, and Nature wins the day! That is not your fault, neither is it hers.

Be prepared for situations like this and know what to do. Never get angry, even though you may be distressed. Men can get quite alarmed when they find they "don't work". But "not working" is very common and many men who frequent escorts have to just accept they do not perform in those situations.  

These may prefer to ask for erotic massage, where they do not have to perform sex. Simply roll on your back or your front, and ask your escort for something you can both do, such as this. Do not walk out in a huff. You are there because you need the attentions of a woman, your body needs to absorb her substances, her scents. You need time with her.

Men are much more sensitive to a woman's state of being than they are given credit-for and if she is not ready, a man will often not respond. Read-on in this section and you will see that it is quite common for a first visit to an escort to be perfunctory, but the second visit, when you attend a woman carrying the sex-hormones of the first, can make the second woman very interested in you indeed. Sex with the second woman can then be very enthusiastic!

Older women tend to want vibrant sex. This, because they are reducing in hormones and need the stimulation. So, if it is a wild time you want, choose someone in her later twenties to middle sixties!

For this reason, testosterone-fuelled young action-men will often find mutual satisfaction with a much older woman, whereas a 22-year old woman may find she has far more contentment with a 63 year old male whose testosterone is low and who does not try for penetration but caresses her fully, gently and lovingly, knowing how to give her space so as not to love if she does not want, but how to love her when she does.

Read Dr Theresa Crenshaw. The Alchemy of Love and Lust. Pocket Books 1996.


There is a first time for us all, and for each and every one of us there has been a time when we did not know what to do in this environment. Our first few appointments can be quite nerve-racking. Many of us have been told this is a really bad thing to do, that we, as clients of girls, are bad, that the girls, themselves, are bad - our heads are full of nonsense, we do not realise how badly we have been misled by church, state and media.

From our end, at Nature's Escorts, we are sometimes astonished at the levels of shame with which young men, especially, approach us, sometimes going to extraordinary lengths to muffle their voices on the phone, or asking us for a girl, any girl, because they are trying not to admit to themselves that they need one and so do not want to choose. It would be amusing if it wasn't so heart-rending - but young men suffer terribly as they find themselves having to ask for a girl, an act which is wholly against their standards of upbringing, their schooling, their education, their religion and so-on. - And, they know nothing of the bio-chemistry which is propelling them to act as they do.

By contrast, young women, who ask us to display their profiles as escorts are, almost always, entirely self-assertive, self-confident and fully aware of the work in hand, their attitude being, "This is what I have decided to do, therefore, because it is my decision, I find it entirely OK, and nobody has the right to stop me."

The one thing we can assure you, as a new client, is that our girls are really lovely, patient, practised, worldly wise with all the different types of client, and, understanding. - so, leave the conduct of the meeting to the escort. Your one duty as a client, or a pair of clients, is to ensure that your escort leaves you, happy. So keep your meeting light and friendly.

Our website generally follows "the industry standard", by listing an escort's supposed specialities, her likes etc. Nevertheless, our advice is to not get too hung-up on these. Sometimes, they are not performable if the hormone-mix has not adapted to accomodate, and if you insist on performing something your anxiety levels can rise, your focus changes from pleasing your escort to "Having to perform this Service" and then the whole relationship strains. Far more important than insisting that a girl perform in a particular way is to accomodate her happily with you, the client.

As a general rule, older women, (which in this sphere means women in their later twenties and onwards), will engage more easily in different practices, younger women need your tolerance, for they will often be reluctant to engage in anything they may think "not normal". Many of our young women from Eastern Europe come from very normal backgrounds, loving and good families, simply, but very well-schooled. They have not seen crass behaviour at home and they do not expect their clients to behave in such way. They want to be sexy, sexual and fun, but, they don't want to do "strange things". Do not insist if they are less than happy. This is a two-way process. For you, the client, to be happy, you must know that you have made your escort happy.

Although it is fashionable to think that men attending escorts are "promiscuous" many are not. Around 46% of men will prefer to build a relationship with just one escort. If his favourite girl is busy and, perhaps, as an agency we suggest he visit someone else, we can be strongly rebuffed. Many men will rather wait to see the girl they want rather than go to anyone else. With this in mind, consider the following:-


Your escort's contentment with you can be influenced by another factor. All of us, both men and women, relax more in female company. Women, especially, are very sensitive to mood. They can be far more content with a man who has come away from recent intimacy with another woman. Then, his testosterone urges are assuaged, he is calmer, more smiling, less urgent, less forced.

Some men, especially those who live alone or work in very pressured jobs, high in testosterone and anxiety hormones, are less attractive to women, causing them to feel anxious too. The man's need in these circumstances, is to take in female hormones (which come to lie under his skin) which softens him and makes him much more engaging both with his next escort, with his wife in his home, and with his colleagues in his work-place.

Some men seem to learn this and choose to book two or three escorts in the same day. They accept that the meeting with the first escort may be cordial but "not much cop" because, as he may think, "the escort is not very forthcoming", but the second escort immediately warms to him, because he is that much more relaxed, that much more "feminine" that much more, "like her".

If you are finding that visiting just one escort at a time is unsatisfatory, then consider this. Generally, women like men who attend other women. Women like to do "as other women do", so if one woman is pleased with you, the next will be also, and so-on. Women feel safer with men who are pleasantly intimate with many women, and they are very astute in assessing a man's state of being.

If you have made the first woman unhappy, the second woman will know it without you saying anything. Then she may withdraw from you too. What women do not like is lonely "lone wolves", deep-eyed, urgent and distressed.

So, even if your first escort is not the best thing in the world for you, make sure you leave her cordially. On leaving, say some nice things to her and thank her kindly. Then go to the second escort. Imperceptibly, the next woman will lift her nose, instinctively checking you out and instantly knowing whether you are "OK" or otherwise. She will very largely judge you on the hormone scent left upon you by the previous woman.

These "scents" we cannot smell. They are not body odours. They originate from the hormones which are given by the previous woman and lie under the skin, so we cannot wash them off. Women instinctively pick them up and alter their attitude to you accordingly. These scents probably last about forty-eight hours, three days at most, which is why some men go twice-weekly to escorts, having discovered that people (both men and women) are more relaxed with them, more trusting of them, more inclined to grant them authority in their workplace and, they find they are better accepted by the wife in the home, when they attend escorts.

Please think carefully about these words. Think about attending two, maybe three escorts, one after another on the same day. Can this be more helpful to you? Do not rush from one escort to the next. Rest, at least an hour between visits so that the hormonal goodnesses granted to you from the earlier woman have time to calm and modify your body.

When, between visits, you rest in a coffeeshop or whatever, do not read stories of war and strife. Leave the newspapers alone. Do not try and work via your computer, or look at work-orientated emails. Instead, relax and read some slushy romantic novel, written by a woman, which your wife would probably prefer, and which you, perhaps, disdain. Do not disdain such a novel now. The newpapers will cause to flow in your body, all the wrong hormones for entertaining your next escort. The slushy novel will set you up for a most wonderful time, for you both!

If all this does not apply to you, it may well apply to another irascible guy in your office with whom you are all struggling to be friends. Perhaps he needs to read this section and to think about acting on this?


The twentieth century has seen a vast explosion of deeply pornographic and vulgar material in relation to sex, twisting its essential character of bringing men and women together in harmony, into a devastating wasteland. The twenty-first century is seeing unprecedented access to this contemptible material. If you are influenced by this, perhaps by watching videos of deeply indecent nature and vile conduct, leave all you have seen behind you when you attend escorts... As a male client, remember you are a man, and as a man, you have a duty of good conduct and responsible care towards a woman who is giving herself to be in your arms. Never, ever act indecently or offensively towards any woman, and certainly not an escort.


It is important that you should feel good for your attendance. Perhaps, as a client, you do not know this, but the reason your body so urgently propels you into the arms of an escort is because you are in need of a breadth of human hormones. Then, you are hungry for a woman's charms, (her hormones and pheromones). This need happens to everyone, not only you, so you must never, ever, debase yourself, nor others, whom, you may learn, are attending escorts.

Read carefully, our pages, Couples and Raison d'Etre. (Their links are at the head of this page).

Further reading:- Why We Love and Lust: How our sex hormones influence our relationships. (Paperback), by Dr. Theresa Crenshaw 1997. She is the founder of one of the largest treatment centres for sexual dysfunction in the USA. She is one of the foremost pioneers in sexual medicine.





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