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Nature's Escorts is an advertising and booking agency. We do not sell sexual service and we do not bend to clients who may demand that we press upon a girl to perform in certain ways. Quite the opposite. Escorting is very much a woman's world. She decides what happens during the bookings which she accepts.

If you would now like to apply to be included in our list of scintilatingly, achingly, dashingly beautiful escorts, :) please fill-in the form below and include your photos. We prefer full-face, un-disguised photos as we wish our site to promote an honest and open approach, with women who are confident in themselves and their work, women who have a clear sense of self-worth. Nude and semi-nude photos are the hallmark of this industry; they can be very beautiful, they add credence to you and to our site, but please send us nothing vulgar. We will get back to you as soon as we can. We very much look forward to meeting you. At any time, please ask us any questions you may have.

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At Nature's Escorts, our main focus started in London, but we also welcome applicants from Cambridge and surrounding areas, and down the M11 between both cities.

We are careful to only select those applicants we feel will offer, not only the very best for their clients, but are women who feel self-worth for the work which they do. 

This means we look for a number of qualities. Women in this industry mostly conduct themselves admirably. We look for those women of good character, those with total integrity, total honesty towards their clients, towards us, towards each-other. Successful escorts who pass through their careers over a number of years without trouble or mishap are frequently of gentle disposition, are very feminine, they expect the best human qualities from their clients, they appeal to a man's better sense to look after them as women. 

We also look for a sense of fun in our applicants, a sense of daring to take on new adventure, a desire to explore new avenues, all accomplished with laughter, delight for life and for people.

It is quite normal to be fearful when an escort starts her work, first-time. Some therefore, do not stay very long, but after thinking about things, many will come back again. We entirely understand this and will remove your profile as soon as you ask us. We will welcome you back again if you wish to return - our provisors being that you have beauty, that you take care of your beauty, that you are of good character, that you are always honest with your clients and with us, and that you are not, in any way, intimidated by others into this work.

Escorts come from many areas of life. At Nature's Escorts we are aware of female escorts who have trained as medical doctors, lawyers, architects, teachers, are from the finance industry or have sales backgrounds. You do not have to tell us if you have eminance in this way, but we think it is a very good thing for professionals to spend time in our field. Many escorts are students in academic study with a view to taking degrees.

A major problem of academia is that  people spend long chunks of their lives in books and know little of the real world. "They know of everything, but have experience of nothing" seems too commonly found among the highly educated. Then they get themselves into jobs in which they wield influence over others.

Professional qualifications typically deny individuals the opportunity to interact with those working in the escort business! Professionals are mostly denied the opportunity to learn and then to describe of the work we do, except from a wholly negative viewpoint. God forbid if they ever write and say they attended the escort world and found charm, compassion and gentleness therein! This means that professional opinions of this industry are often wholly based on hear-say, media hysterics and fear of saying anything other than the utmost negative. Of course, medical professionals will be seeing the worst forms of sex abuse, but as those of us in this field know, this is not the norm at all, something which too many in the world at large, do not understand.

New starter clients learn the negative views of academics and media, then feel "bad" for attending our escorts, or worse, against their better judgements, think they are supposed to "behave badly" with our girls. Fortunately, bad client behaviour is rare and most escorts pass through their careers without meeting "bad people", but we all know it can happen. This is why it is important that a girl can, straight-away, establish the mood and conduct of the meeting with her gentleness, her warm femininity and her firmness.

Understanding your role as an escort takes time. It is not sufficient to say that the only reason you work as an escort is because you want money. Your clients will not return and you will be unfulfilled.  It takes time to understand that men go to escorts because they want a woman of womanly substance in their troubled worlds, worlds which are often greatly deficient in womanly warmth and measured common sense.

Because the processes by which a man's emotions propel him towards an escort are poorly understood, often not understood at all, men are commonly confused, sometimes belittling themselves, sometimes angry with themselves. That can make them difficult customers but they need your gentleness, common sense and strength of character even more. All these qualities have to be learned.

Your charges and services

Your hourly rate which we display top-right on your web-page, is for your time and companionship spent with a client. In the UK, it is legal to charge for this. Solicitors do the same, so do doctors and teachers in private practice. Builders, plumbers and carpenters etc. all charge for their time. To make this illegal would mean locking up all the lawyers in the country! And they don't want that!

The charge for time has nothing to do with the intimacies that you and your clients may perform. When a booking, made by us, is completed, Nature's Escorts London charges you a percentage of your hourly rate. You are charged nothing if the agency does not provide you with bookings. This is very favourable to you. In most businesses, you must pay your advertising even if nothing comes of it. As an advertising agency, we face big costs, even if few clients phone us!

UK law permits you, as an individual, to charge for sexual service. Some girls charge "extras" to their hourly rate. Nature's Escorts London takes no part of  that money.

At Nature's Escorts London, you tell us your prices and we display as you tell us.

Much is made of "services". On our website, we follow the "industry norm" and list "services" that the girl says she can perform. However, some of our girls, who are very adventurous and do just about anything, will not display their "services" as they think it vulgar. For these, we enter euphemistically, "I'll tell you later!". Very few women are vulgar in their sex-making.

Charging for services can be a source of friction between escort and client. The following is what we think about charges:-

While some of these services look "erotic" on paper, in practice they are simply the natural outcome of increasing togetherness and intimacy. This means they can often only be performed when the hormones and pheromones of both persons have adjusted in response to good practice, rising trust and togetherness.

The problem with making a charge, is that the client then feels compelled to perform. His focus changes from being intimate with you to having to perform the act he has paid-for. This very easily results in reduced sexual warmth, an increasingly apprehensive client and an apparently "cold" escort as she senses his insecurity and emotionally withdraws. He has paid, but the hormones for the activity are not there. He is disappointed, confused in his own incapacity. He is conscious that you were not moving with him, so he blames you. This can be particularly true where the charge is made for A Levels, - anal sex. Either a man can perform or he cannot. Either she can receive, or she cannot. If the scene is not set by mutual and shared intimacy, he does not feel sexy enough, and the escort is "cold", her body is not ready to receive him. In these circumstances, best to laugh it off and return him the fee for the service. It is the fault of neither of you. He will be surprised if you return the fee, but you will make a friend, then he may come to you again.

We ask you to remember, that many of your clients are family men on low incomes. Some save for weeks to attend you for £150.00. They need you very much because they are discovering that by attending you, their wives, who have been claiming to be "too tired for intimacy" for the last seven years or more, are answering to them better. Sex in the home is re-occurring, the wife lies more happily alongside her husband. The home has a better atmosphere and the children, who were anti-social at school, are suddenly happier with their parents, hence happier outside the home. They are now making friends. At work, the man finds that, instead of being despised and ignored by his female colleagues, suddenly they are giving him bright smiles.

You, the escort, are therefore critical to the social integration of this man into family and society. You are his key to normality. Charging for increased intimacy, which is the route to him becoming more normal, can really upset things. Here is an example:-

A young woman, new to escorting, took it upon herself to think that the hourly rate excluded everything. She would ask her client what services he would like. The client would reel off  a list. She then attached a charge to absolutely everything, more than doubling her hourly rate. Needless to say this "devastated" her clients, who, already hard-pressed to pay, were astounded to discover they could do nothing at all with her without massive, further payment. Their opinion of her was that she was no society escort, but a common money-grabbing, low-life prostitute. Needless to say, many of her clients walked out straight away, paying her nothing and of those that did pay-up, no-one wanted to return to her.

A second way to cause friction is to initially engage in mutually pleasant, intimate association, raising a man's hopes, then as a man's ardour increases, and his ability to restrain dissolves, to then claim that a further intimacy, such as kissing, can be done but is chargeable. This causes a mutually productive event to become quite unpleasant. This can completely turn a man off you, most especially if he has brought with him no money to pay, which makes him feel an inadequate fool.

A third way to cause angst between male and female is for a woman to lead a man on, much as above, then pull out on him moments before his orgasm, just when he needs you the most. Behaviour like this seems to be almost entirely that of British and American women, some western Europeans, some Romanians. Why women do this remans a mystery, but may be due to western thinking that men needing women are "bad" and therefore should be "punished" and made to feel disappointed. For this reason, many, many men prefer women from Eastern Europe, especially women from Russia, who understand that men need women as a baby needs the breast, hence a woman must help a man to normality by accomodating him to fulfillment.

That this is relevant, can be seen by looking at tthe "Swedish model". This has been very heavy-handed in its attempts to "stop prostitution", making it virtually impossible to engage in commercial sex in Sweden. The apparent reduction of commercial sex provision in Sweden has been lauded by the UK authorities as a "worthy model". What they have entirely failed to percieve is that Swedish men, go in "droves" go to St Petersburg, Russia, to meet accomodating Russian women, who, in 2002, would be entirely perplexed by this phenomenum, wondering what was wrong with Swedish women, that they cannot accomodate their own men?

At Nature's Escorts, we notice that most escorts, while engaging very heavily in sex to a woman's entire satisfaction, commonly do not make charge for any sexual favours. In the process of increasing intimacy, several "specialities" may occur, but no payment  is demanded, (beyond the initial payment for time). 

In the UK, when you make no charge for sex, you are not prostituting. In the UK, you can charge for your time, make sex and none of that is "prostitution", not until you demand payment for a "service". Even then, in UK law, as long as it is only you, the sex provider, who makes the charge, and it is only you who receives the money, you remain "in the clear".

Many men, quite wrongly, are confused and feel bad for attending you. Pushed against their will by their hormonal urges, many think they must "get in and get out" in the shortest possible time. This does nothing to improve trust and loving respect between men and women, it leaves men cynical and angry with women for being "evil temptresses". Part of your remit is to help a man to "calm down", to feel good for being with you. Again, it is a western European habit to expect a man to "get in and get out" in the shortest possible time, no matter what length of time he has paid-for. What a man needs, is to remain in your ambience as a woman. He needs you for sex to clear his head, then afterwards, he just needs to soak up your womanly hormones and pheromones to calm him and to make him decent. Eastern Europeans are very good at retaining their clients for the full period he has paid-for.

Escorts, (having received their payment for time), who make sex but do not charge for sex, help a man to delight in his efforts, laughing with him and telling him he is "such a great guy", - much to his perplexity, perhaps, but this greatly builds his confidence and self-worth! Men come back to these escorts time after time. These events are much more pleasant for you both and we want you, both, to have satisfaction and enjoyment from your activities. These women are far more likely to go on to command higher hourly rates because they have a larger following of returning clients.

Making low hourly charges. At Nature's Escorts you tell us your charges, and we will display them, whether you wish for £110 per hour or £1000 an hour. Our observation is that where women charge rates below the current norm of £150 an hour (in London), some also think they should limit service. However, this is sensed by clients and they leave you, disappointed. Then they think that the visit wasted their time, wasted their efforts to get to you and it wasted their money. They will not return. Our advice is that you should charge a rate which makes you feel you can fully accomodate a client's needs, which assures you feel valued and through your womanly attentions, makes him feel valued too.

If you do wish to charge for "specialities", please tell us so that we may display your charges. Then your client will not be surprised or disappointed in you when he attends. However, if you think you are giving too much away by not making extra charges, then, we suggest you raise your basic hourly rate. That is far better than making separate charges, which cause disappointment and friction.

Please also consider that many men are frightened of "paying for prostitution". In the UK, men are subject to enormous propaganda to deny their needs, then those needs build up, greatly increasing their anxiety and self-doubt. Many men are "terrified" of their own urges and have absloutely no idea of what is happening within themselves. They wait so long, many end up not knowing whether they are heterosexual or gay, paedophiles or otherwise. In the UK today, there is virtually nowhere where a man may talk of his urges and get respectable help to see a woman to receive him sexually, in decency - and most men fall over themselves to be decent in the company of a woman.

When men make direct payment for a sexual service, they fear they are doing something illegal. This frightens them more. It is much better, we think, for you to take money at the start of the session and to calm a man's fears by assuring him the money he has given you is for your companionship, not for sex, and that, for sex which may occur, you will not charge. You are to be friends.

Withdrawal of sexual service. Although most girls are not charging for sexual service, the very high fees which escorts charge per hour, is solely obtainable because clients need you for the sex they expect to share with you during your meeting. We think that if you were to declare yourself to be an escort who offers no sexual service, you would not be in the demand other escorts are. Try it if you like, ask us to put up your profile stating "I do not indulge in sexual intimacies with my clients" and choose a price which you think may fit. Undoubtedly, there will be men who will be interested, but how many? We do not know.

While most Eastern European women, and women from the Far East and South America engage in sex enthusiastically, some British and some Romanian women have a reputaion for "suddenly losing interest" or "getting a tummy ache", moments before a man is due to orgasm. This causes disappointment, sarcasm and anger towards the escort and anger towards women in general.

If you do not enjoy receiving a man to completion, do not do this job. When a man comes to you, he comes because he needs your participation to help him release a growing volcano of pent-up sexual drive. No-one else will help him. His wife lost interest in him years ago when she had their baby, he cannot ask any woman in the office where he works, without being labelled a sex- pervert. Only you can help him. You are important to his whole emotional stability. If you do not want to help a man with his needs, tell him early in the meeting that you are not interested, and return most of his money. Of course you cannot accept all men. Some are, frankly, dirty and physically disgusting, some are of foul mind. Tell them they must go. But do not take a man's money then fail to provide service.

Emotional Rescue.

In 1994, an Engish girl, then aged 27 years, said this:- "When I started this work in my teens, I thought I was a bad girl and that all the men who attended me were bad too. I thought they should not be coming to me, so I thought I was right to take their money, refuse service, threaten them with the police. I was really bad. I was doing what the newpapers say is the role of girls like us. It took me five years to understand I was wrong. Now, I understand that men get very confused, that they cannot think straight at times, especially when things go wrong for them at home with their wives. When men are like this, you can do little with them until they have had sex. After that, they calm down, you can talk to them and help them. Men desperately want to have a woman hear about their wives, their children, their mistresses. I listen to them all. I remember the names of all those he speaks of - and then when a man comes to me again, I can ask him how things are in the things that matter in his life. Men are very simple to deal with. They need sex to calm them, then they can think normally. They are forever grateful to a girl like me who receives them. Now I understand this, I get so much satisfation from my job. It can be very stressful when a man is upset, but afterwards, when he leaves me, happier, there is a joy that I feel, like a mother for her child."


While the numbers may be still low, more women are attending escorts, requesting companionship, not of men, but of women. At Nature's Escorts we think we understand this trend. - all men and women are born of women and throughout our lives we need to shelter in a woman's ambience and goodness. As an escort we ask you to consider whether accepting female clients is in your remit. Many female escorts describe themselves as "bi-sexual".

As an escort, your aim is to have an appreciative client who will return to you time after time. Nevertheless, be aware that a man can go "overboard" in his enthusiasm for you. Does he have a family to sustain? Can he afford you? You may need to help him to pace his appointments with you to suit his bank. Be his steady thinker at a time when his enthusiasm has got the better of him. Build him into a better man. Never break him.  Your aim is to quietly build your client's respect for you so that in his, (or her), perhaps, agitated world, you are the one who is a beacon of calm common sense, good humour and sunny warmth.

Your beauty is an obvious lure, a most basic requirement of any escort. But beyond that, you must also ensure your fresh cleanliness, so you must take time for yourself between your clients. Take pleasure and take time in making yourself beautiful, your skin, your nails, your hair, the scents you put into your hair and onto your skin, consider the goodness of your thoughts, the quiet confidence with which you walk, all these are hallmarks of the timeless art of being an escort. 

You must avoid drugs and drink. These lead to misbehaviour. You need a clear head in these circumstances. Walk away from appointments which turn out to be drugs or drink fuelled. You are only walking way from the fee you might earn, and that, you can forgo. There are many, many more sober and decent clients who will attend you. Your safety is not to be played-with.

You are bound to be asked to take drugs at some parties, but you must be strong about this. Drugs such as cocaine provide hormones which your body usually makes for itself, but when you take drugs, the body simply stops its own production.

At twenty years of age, the body can recover well, so you think you can cope, but at 25 years and beyond, the body is generally producing some 10% - 12% less of different hormones, and if you have a history of drug-taking, production is compromised, you will suffer low mood and depression.

These so-called "recreational drugs" are very powerful. If they were being prescribed in hospital, doctors would first measure your body weight, because small women can tolerate much less than a large man. Please remember that if a man has a body weight of 76 kilos (12 stone) and says the amount of drug he is taking is alright for him, then if your weight is 50kg (8 stone), you must take no more than half the dosage. There is no "OK dosage". Any amount causes your own body to produce less and the only "right" dose is none at all!

When at a party and a man offers you drugs, you may respond, "But, I am a woman and you are a man. As a man, you must look after me! Please do not offer me drugs." This can appeal to his sense of manly responsibility to you. Make it clear you will not take his drugs.

Similarly, you may find other escorts telling you that accepting "party drugs" is part of your job and you "have to do it". This is entirely untrue. Your life is your own and there is nothing you "have to do" in this job. Men will respect you more if you are firm in your refusal to partake in drugs. Even if they take them, they will respect you for your good sense in your refusal.

Be very careful not to carry drugs in to parties. Do not carry drugs for anyone. This is illegal and can earn you stiff penalty.  Also, do not help someone to take a drug. In The Times Newspaper of 21/05/15 is an article about an American girl who injected her client with heroin. It seems she was only trying to help him. He died. She is now in jail for six years! She is very lucky she was not charged with murder, which would have been a life sentence!

Surroundings play a most important part in affecting a client's initial impression of you. Ideally, your room must be clean, your bed-linen washed and newly laid, at least every day. Your bathroom should not only be clean, but the glassware, taps, basin, bath and shower should gleam. The flat from which you work should be freshly-cleaned, with good furnishings and carpets, calming and decent pictures upon the walls, well-watered plants etc. Such care for your surroundings does much to reassure the insecure client. He will value you as a woman of substance and consequence.

Elsewhere on this website, you will see a page called "Raison-d'Etre" which is French for, "Reason to be". We shortly intend to write articles here. It is well worth referring to this as there will be some very interesting points made which, we think, will enable both escorts and clients to understand themselves better. So whether you intend to be an escort now, later, or, not at all, do visit the Raison-d'Etre pages at intervals. 

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