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"Peace brings forth Abundance" by Madame Vigée le Brun. 1780.


Here, at Nature's Escorts, we are attempting a fresh approach, 

to get away from the nineteenth and twentieth century "pornographic presumption" which surrounds all things concerned with "sex for sale", to one which will enable people to understand that sex for sale is not essentially, "porno". Instead, sex for sale is the basis upon which people, with decency, may exchange human hormones, (via intimate contact) thus keeping them healthy, less prone to hormonally deficient conditions such as tiredness, depression, anxiety, stiffening joints, osteoporosis etc., and, through meeting with women mostly, of sufficient adult age, will be less prone to interest in the under-age. 

"Sufficient hormonal competence" does not happen in everyone with the traditional, "one man with one woman in marital isolation for life”. Around half of all couples need intimacy with women (predominantly) of greater hormonal reserve to augment their own hormone levels, and therefore health. This becomes more relevant with an increasingly ageing population, as older people face progressively lower hormonal production within themselves, thereby having greater need of intimacy with others.

The women who have much spare hormonal capacity are generally those who make frequent sexual intimacy with many different individuals. This is because hormone materials from their clients “lodge” in the skin and sub-cutaneous fat. Sexual intercourse also stimulates internal hormone production. This is life-giving. Therefore, female escorts are entirely the right people to visit when we “feel a bit low” – preferably, visit them before you “feel a bit low”. Escorts prefer, not a “misery-guts” on their doorstep, they want to laugh with you, to share amusement and to have fun!

As our web-site stands, you will see that it leans towards a "gentle approach", which we hope is more practical. An approach which will broadly exhort clients to think well of themselves for wishing to attend, and to encourage them to conduct themselves in a congenial way with the escorts, who are independent advertisers on our site.

Accordingly, we feel we are offering a new concept to an old activity, that our approach has significant social merit which is missing in the efforts of government social services to promote normal human behaviour where there has been some "sexual divergence".

Our aim is to reach "ordinary" people, to give them scope to review and to think about the merits of the escort world in a way which will cause to "drop away" the hackneyed attitudes towards “sex for sale”. 

We now have the people to achieve that. In our experience, women from the continent enter the escort world, much less influenced by the heavy anti-prostitution propaganda espoused by the UK Church, State and the UK media, by individuals in the Daily Mail such as Bel Mooney and Melanie Phillips who have written, not only negatively of our field but, also held that their view is "the only valid view" to be applied to the whole of the “sex-for sale” field, to which "all Daily Mail readers must agree". If only they would stop and think before they write! Down the years, the media has accommodated very good articles on the purpose of sex. Media relationship writers should read their own papers before writing negative material.

Because, in trying to "stop inconvenient sex happening", following the currently fashionable concept of "zero tolerance", less thought, today, is placed towards working out how to accomodate sexual need. Indeed "need" is presently being trivialised in the UK by significant numbers of, commonly women, counsellors. (Men generally, are inclined to keeping silent because they have no framework by which to properly explain the needs they may feel).

The "media presumption" of negativity propounded by writers such as those mentioned above, is so-often anti-social, is not in the public interest, is out of date. There is now plenty of evidence to show that those who forgo sex against the demands of their body-urges quickly develop unsuitable inclinations towards unhealthy pornography, fear of women and children, and excessive interest in both women and the very young.

The increasingly pressured sexual interest is partly to do with the matter that human beings need stimulation to make the hormone-producing glands work. Sexual intimacy is part of several functions which causes that stimulation, which causes the hormone production needed, together with resolution of the sex-urge through orgasm and climax.

Many individuals, often out of loyalty to a spouse, reject visiting a sex-worker but may be avid readers, or viewers of pornography. However, when we read or see unsuitable sexual material, blood levels of sex-hormones can rise but are not resolved where no physical sexual intimacy follows. This causes increasing angst and tendency to a troubled, sexually-charged mind, then possible misbehaviour. The attitude, "You may look but not partake" is retrograde. Seeing lots of sexualised imagery partly generates the social problems we have surrounding sexual behaviour today.

In our opinion, men especially, should consider not to read or watch pornograpy, at any rate, not alone or in the absence of female company, but instead, should attend our real, living escorts, - for it is the measured presence of women, together with their balancing hormones and pheromones, that brings sanity to the tortured, sexualised, individual.

As women increasingly sidestep religious and social restriction, more find there is little reason why they should not offer sex. Many, if not most women working with men in sex, realise that by offering sex, they are improving social decency in men, and that they are playing an essential part in the good conduct of family and society.

In 2014, newspapers claimed some 52,500 women in the UK are now offering sexual service. If the average number of clients seen in a day is taken to be six, that is 315,000 daily appointments made by both men and by some women. That is 115 million appointments annually. If every appointment resulted in damage to a female, as the media seems to imply, our National Health Service would be wholly flooded, daily, with damaged "prostitutes", (as the "negative-brigade" degradingly refer to women working in the field of sex-provision). This, is not happening. The incidence of women in commercial sex provision being damaged by clients is many times less than the incidence of damage to wives trapped in marriages.

In practice, the incidence of mis-behaviour, while it can be very severe where it occurs, is small relative to the number of appointments. Later we will discuss why - both why the incidence of danger is so small, and why, where sexual violence occurs, it can be so dangerous.

The break-down of UK borders has opened this country up to much continental influence. We find that Continentals generally meet their clients with warm, good grace in their hearts. Their starting position is to regard men as essentially warm, decent people which greatly assists congenial and satisfactory outcomes for both client and escort. This is to be far preferred over the traditional UK/USA pornographic approach, greatly egged-on by the sensation-seeking media, which is to "require" women to act as sad "victims of men" and to make us think that men who attend “prostitutes” are "of faulty character", that such men are, therefore, to be "taken for a ride" by the women they attend, who then take their money and give little or no service, all with disparagement. 

We therefore realise, that with women from the Continent, from South America and from Asia, we have now in the UK, the foundations to entirely change for the better, the whole “escort” environment. We do not refuse women of UK  or USA origin from advertising on our site, but we would ask potential applicants to carefully consider the positioning of their attitude towards this work as we seek people of high integrity, honesty and decency towards others when they join us. (See our "Advertise with Us" page).


The beautiful painting at the head of this page is by Elizabeth Vigée le Brun,

portraitiste to the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette. It was completed in 1780, Madame Vigée then in her twenty-fifth year, while France, enthusiastic for Britain's American colonies in revolt, (American War of Independence 1765 – 1791) had declared war against England. The success of the American colonies made the later Revolution in France a certainty. France’s commitment to the Americans cost her dearly, causing hunger to her peoples. In this painting we see Peace, (the brunette) urging Abundance, (the blonde) to rise, to help the people of France with her gatherings of food.

This is an astounding work of art, for it not only shows Elizabeth Vigée’s mastery of colour, body movement and sensitivity to womanly feeling, but also, it displays her breadth of education. Those steeped in the works of the Chinese philosopher, Zou Yen, in the period 476-221 BC, The period of the Warring States, will quickly recognise Elizabeth Vigée’s use of ancient Chinese Five Element Theory. 

The Five Elements describe the movement of Life mimicking the passage of the year, Winter, Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, (and Winter, again). To these phases are attached many characteristics. The qualities of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal are used to broadly describe the qualities of these phases.

Elizabeth Vigée uses two of the phases to elucidate her work. Peace is the woman with plans, the desire and single-minded commitment to urge others to till the soil, to produce food for the people of France. Peace is dressed in the colours of a tree, green leaves, brown/black bark. (Wood Element). She is supple, upright and firm of purpose, as is a young tree, reaching from the substance of the earth below to the spiritual heavens above.  To the Wood Element, are also attached the qualities of wind and of breeze. Trees absorb and soften the cutting winds, protecting those that live among them.

Peace Abundancesliver1.jpgHere, therefore, we see Peace, gentle, protective, yet firm and upright, certain in her direction, determined to bring recovery to the people of France. Her cape indicates how she has "breezed-in" upon the unsuspecting Abundance, suddenly calling her to action.

Abundance is represented by the Earth Element, the time of harvest, a time of gathering food for the impending winter. Abundance is dressed in the colours of late summer, yellow and gold. What happens when you walk though a field of wheat? In late summer, plants have maximised their growth, they are no longer the green shoots of the Wood Element, they are now parched and yellowed. They are giving up their lives so that their seeds may survive. As we walk through the field, we shake the dried plants, the seeds fall away. If not gathered, we lose the whole crop! Peace’s arms are around Abundance, moving her unexpectedly, urging Abundance to join her .

Abundance, surprised by the unexpected call to movement, spills all she has contentedly gathered. Like the wheat plants, having grown and given their lives to the seeds they produce, it is as if Abundance is dying for her love of a greater good inspired by Peace. By showing clothes falling away from Abundance, Elizabeth Vigée even indicates that she understands the substance of a woman’s being as an essential source of nutrition, now coming available by the uncovering of the breast.

Elizabeth Vigée also shows us another aspect, that it is inclusive and protective love of a woman that causes a woman to let down her goodnesses for others to find and to pick up. Had Abundance been visited by a man of anger, Abundance would have picked up her gatherings and run away!  Nothing for us, then!

There is a message in this for clients of escorts, and indeed, for any man in a relationship with a woman, that a meeting can only be satisfactory when we enjoin with a woman in gracious goodwill and warmth. Only with the goodness of your heart towards her can your escort let-down her hormones and pheromones which are so vital to you, the client.

There may be another lesson from this work of art. VLB self portraitWhat was passing through sliver2.jpgMadame Vigée's mind as she painted-in the gathering clouds behind the women? Why choose to paint-in thunder-clouds? They are golden, the colour of late summer, rather than black, but, since when do we see such heavy stormclouds during the warm but cooling phase of late summer? Surely, this is a time of clear, open skies and warm sunshine? Do these clouds not prophecy an impending heavy storm? Art critics regularly dismiss this work as merely a "pretty little picture" but, it is much more than that. Had the French nobility of the day applied their considerable understandings for art and the meanings therein, and taken-in this painting's prescient warnings, as their education enabled them to do, then the whole course of France's destiny to ruin could have been averted.

Madame Vigée le Brun Self Portrait. 1790. See this at the National Trust Ickworth, Suffolk, UK.


In 1780, there was, indeed, an almighty storm gathering over France and, like rolling thunder, it repercussed over the whole of the continent of Europe, triggering revolutions right into the twentieth century! France's leaders never got to grips with the need to feed her peoples and in 1789, then exploded the French Revolution, followed by the fearful Terror, when the starving brought the whole Ancien Regime crashing down. None of this would have happened if Peace had had her way and Abundance had been able to prosper.

The aristocrats of France failed entirely to answer to the main body of France's needs. Often they were men of high intelligence, men of goodness, commonly of liberal thought and humanistic intent, yet, caught in a web of social and religious protocol, which prevented them from stooping to the main body of France, to the needs of the starving, they did nothing.

Likewise, our own bodies tell us very clearly when we are in need of hormonal nourishment. We find we want to make sex, but not with our loved-one, for the one we love has given all she, or he, can. There is not enough there to hold the coupling together. This is neither partner's fault. The limits of nature have been reached. We leave work at the end of the day, tired, dissatisfied, lonely, yet, at home, we shun our loved ones because we "need to rest". Our social and religious protocols deny us the option to attend those who can fulfill us, (our escorts) and so, stormclouds gather in our brain. Our mood and civility worsens. Over time, we become impossible to live-with and so, our families break apart.

As clients of escorts, or for that matter, when we are in association with any woman, the message we may take from Elizabeth Vigée's painting is that we must give our women opportunity to thrive with us. Violent societies quickly form where men are separated from women. Armies, such as the Zulus and the British Army of the 19th century worked very hard to delay their officers from early association with women, because without women men are far more prone to fight. There are fearsome examples of this today where religious powers demand the separation of men and women. Some of our most gender-balanced societies seem to come from the countries of the old iron curtain, where twentieth century communisim, over three generations, (75 years) demanded equality and mutual understanding between the sexes.

Perhaps, as a client, you do not know this, but the reason your body so urgently propels you into the arms of an escort is because you are deficient in a breadth of human hormones, you are hungry for a woman's charms, (her hormones and pheromones).This need happens to everyone, not only you, so you must never, ever, debase yourself, nor others, whom, you may learn, are attending escorts.

At Nature’s Escorts, we think Elizabeth Vigée’s painting depicts much of what we are trying to represent, the essential need for us, as living creatures, to communicate, in respect and cordiality, with women and their substances, for it is women who hold the nurturing upon which our lives depend, for which we never lose our need, neither as men, nor as women. This is why so many men, and increasingly women too, will spend so much to be in the gracious company of a woman.

There is much written about Madame Vigée le Brun. To read an unusually written style, yet a short résume of her life and times, click on Perhaps, visit her portraits now scattered across France, England, Russia, Italy and America:-ée.html(If you click on these links, press the Back Button to return to this site).


Rosalie Duthé 1748 – 1830

Duthe sliver3.jpgSadly, there is disparaging comment written on the internet about this lady, a courtesan of the times for whom aristocratic men would travel the length and breadth of the continent of Europe to meet. Madame Vigée le Brun writes of seeing her perambulating with her entourage of ladies in the Palais-Royal in central Paris, describing her as elegant and beautiful. 

Mademoiselle Duthé, a convent educated girl, would be invited to the leading homes of Paris. In those days, husbands and wives commonly slept apart, never together except for procreation, and so, made their dalliances with anyone other than the spouse.

Mlle Duthé was much more than just a squeeze. During her visits, which might last several days, she would busy herself around the home, charming everyone, making herself useful to all in the household. It is said she got up early, to take breakfast-trays off the servants, so she could deliver breakfast to the women of the home.




Rosalie Duthe with Picsliver4.jpgIn this painting, Rosalie Duthé is shown in typically helpful mode, helping to mount a painting on the wall of one of the homes she stayed-at.

Through Mlle Duthé, we may learn that the role of the escort is not just about sex, vital though that is. It is also about spreading helpfulness, kindness, goodwill and bonhomie to everyone.

Madame Vigée le Brun writes that while French men pretended in public that they did not know Rosalie, an Englishman was often seen, loyally by her side. Thirteen years later, when Madame Vigée went to England, she saw them both again, still together, in London.

This tells us something more about the nature of the escort. While the traditional, wholly loyal wife, alone in her home, waiting for her increasingly dissatisfied husband to return, depletes in hormone abundance as evidenced by her increasing loneliness, female escorts can enjoy some of the most stable and loyal relationships with their own husbands and boyfriends. This is because they are rich in hormone and pheromone output.

Rosalie Duthé was much loved. Jean-Frédéric Perregaux, (1716-1808), a senior army officer turned banker to the notary of the day, having commissioned a portrait of her, kept it at his side during his dying hours.












To be continued. Please return to this page at intervals and see what we next write....


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